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Our mission is to help unleash the potential of every design team. Empower teams to promote open work culture and embrace diversity.
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Who are we and what’s our story?

We help teams to adopt design driven methodologies. We are building a new and better way for teams to share ideas and design products.  From freelancers to designers, developers and account executive providing a platform to share design and get feedback.

Our story?

In 2011, we started working on a collaboration platform for students, academics and alumni’. Our team was based all over the world from London, New York, Dubai and Lahore. It was here, we experience first hand a major design communication problem. We spent hours, days, weeks trying to finalise our initial design. I was sending countless emails back-and-forth with design feedback to our designers and at the same time, numerous back and forth emails, Skype calls and of course, face to face meetings with my team but the whole process was confusing and not at all productive. We all felt there must be a quick and simple way to communicate design communication to your team that was robust and simple. 

It was in 2013 that we took note of the advancement made in the industry as well as the growing need to improve the user experience and that making the perfect design is the key for any product. It was at the same time that I was working with many design agencies. it was the same design communication problems that I was experiencing time after time. December 2014, we started to exploring the market.
We knew, experienced and witnessed the need for a design communication platform in the market that would bring the wow factor to designers, creative teams and design agencies to help them save time and deliver awesome products to their clients.


With our product and services, we tell it as it is, and never let our clients feel lost in an ever-changing and complex technology landscape.  

Our values, to live by

Show Empathy

Building products for our customers audiences.


We take the full-responsibility and work as a team.

Design Driven

Whatever we do, we put design at the core.

Open Company

Transparency at the core of everything we do here at Savah (Tyrocircle Ltd)

Customers First

We value our customers and listen their feedback and comments.

Be Happy

We love what we do and embrace failures to learn.


Growth comes first
We create solutions that people loves

We deliver results


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Happy Customers


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