Cross-company Design Collaboration
Web Design Collaboration Tools-Savah
  • Design Team Collaboration Tools
  • Bring your people together for collaboration

    Invite your whole team of designers, developers and product managers as well as clients and stakeholders. They can collaborate and share ideas, leave comments to create a better user experience for your projects. Based on their role they will access to their projects.

  • Organise your projects and people into teams

    You can group projects and people into teams where only the people who are part of the team can collaborate and see team projects. Create teams based on your company location, clients or to work on company special new projects.

  • Project Team Collaboration Tools
  • Instant Project Feedback - Savah
  • Centralised comments and conversations

    Start a conversation right on the design screen and leave a comment exactly on the element you’re referring. Each comment becomes a ‘to-do’ item to make sure that nothing gets missed.

    Savah centralises comments at one place where you can see a fully threaded conversation between your team members/clients. You can see comments for any specific screen or add a quick reply with an emojis.

More feedback and collaboration features

Collaboration is at the core of building a great product. With Savah we ensure that you have all the features to build, collect feedback and iterate to craft an amazing user experience.

  • Share Project

    Every project has its own unique, shareable link that’s always up to date. You can even password protect it.

  • Task assignments

    Highlight the sense of responsibility and teamwork by assigning team members to comments and keep up with changes.

  • @mention comments

    Collect feedback from your team to iterate quickly, stay in sync and ensure transparency throughout the whole process. When you mention someone then they will get an email right away.

  • Daily digest emails

    Receive a daily digest email of all feedback left on your designs project.

  • Activity Feed

    This feed highlights the account activity across all your projects or any specific project. See who has or hasn't reviewed your designs and follow up for missing input.

  • Manage project and clients

    Create separate teams to manage projects and people based on their skills and location.

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