Month: January 2019

Design Sprint

Design Sprint – Everything You Need to Know About It

This article will provide your detailed information about Design Sprint, when to use it and why to use it. Read to know more. What is design sprint? According to GV, design sprint gives teams a shortcut to learning without building...

Introducing Savah 2.0

We have been working over the last few months on Savah 2.0 release. Over the last few month we have been really busy working on Savah 2.0. A release definitely to watch out for. We have spent a lot of...

11 Tips to Improve Design Thinking

Any organisation will always look for efficiency. This may come in the form of saved time, resources or both. This need for efficiency is why the services of a designer are often required when developing a new product. You want...

When To Schedule Meetings, Take Breaks, And Quit Your Job

When To Schedule Meetings, Take Breaks, and Quit Your Job

Life is always about time, and a ringing fact is you can’t experience it twice. Just like an hour-glass, once the dust drains, it’s done; we can’t rewind it nor move it forward. And since time travel has yet to...

Create An App Prototype Before Development

6 Reasons To Create an App Prototype Before Development

App prototype helps teams to build better ux, identify the issues, get faster feedback, approvals and the user testing before the launch of an actual app.