6 Useful Tips to Start Your Career in UX Design

November 30, 2018

Athar Majeed

If you are looking to break into the UX design industry, these 6 tips would help you get a great start!

Are you looking to make a career in UX design? 
It can be a great career option and you should explore more and read the following tips.

More companies are looking for a UX designer to deliver the products or services that provide relevant and meaningful experiences to the users. In fact, hiring UX designers is a top priority in many companies nowadays. That’s why it is one of the most sought-after career fields in the design industry.

But it’s equally true that it may be difficult to get an entry-level UX position when you have little to no experience in this field.

So, how to land a job as a UX designer in any company?

While there is no hard and fast rule to secure the job in UX design, here is a rundown of the steps that help you get the one.

Get Familiarise with the Basic Design Concept

How much do you know about UX design?

No matter how creative you are, you should know some basic design principles. After all, you are creating for others, not for yourself. It is all about learning the psychological aspects of design.

Here are some basic concepts of design to know about. 

  • Color and their Psychological Affects
  • Symmetry and Balance
  • Contrast and Focus
  • Typography
  • Consistency

Determine the Right UX Design Field

Are you looking for a career in interaction designing? Do you want to go for UI designing? You want to focus on both research and design?Or you are looking to work as a motion designer?

The point is here that the field of UX design is so wide and ever-evolving. Therefore, you need to decide the right UX option. Make sure to research each option to make an informed career decision.

Get Into the Learning Curve

Once you decide the type of UX job, the next step is to get educated in that field.
From academic courses,applying for a UX training program to self-learning, there are many ways to learn UX design. However, hiring managers prefer experience or practical learning of the candidate over the university degree.

So, opt for a training program as it helps you learn UX practices in an organised manner. Besides, there are several online UX courses to apply for.

Whatever you choose, carefully study every important material you come across during the learning.

To get practical experience, offer a design for free or see if you can redesign any online service. It also helps you figure out the areas of improvement to work over.

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Find a Mentor

Mentorship would be a great support to your learning program and can even help you get hired fast. However, it shouldn’t be too formal. For example, you can find your mentor in your friend who has a vast experience in the UX field. A good mentor guides you how to resolve design issues or manage your career.

Get Skilled in Right Software:

The knowledge of UX tools can help you get an upper hand in the job interview. However, it is not easy to select the right one as there are plenty of tools available on the market. It may be confusing to choose the one you want to start with. Here is a tip—look for a prototype tool that can create low-to-high fidelity wireframes, prototype your ideas and quick/easy to learn. 

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Create a Portfolio

Staying in touch with your mentor and going through the learning courses will help you get some real projects. It will help you build a portfolio even before your first job. And a portfolio speaks about your skills and experience as a UX designer. Make sure to showcase your projects in a case study format while each case study should explain your abilities and solutions.

With the help of these steps, you can start your career in UX design in a great way.

Stay hungry, stay foolish! 

Steve Jobs

As Steve Jobs says to take your UX career to the new heights. One more thing, stay focused on the user and Lastly, the UX is all about the users so look for the ways to solve user problems and add value to end-users experience.  


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