Top 7 Photo Editing Apps Every Designer Must Use

March 12, 2019

Athar Majeed

Here is a compilation of top photo editing apps that will come in handy in a designer’s life.

In this fast emerging tech world, it is really important for designers and developers to effortlessly handle tasks quickly like developing app prototype or editing any image.

Whether it’s a mockup or poster, editing graphics is just like applying finishing touches to any painting. It is important to ensure that whatever you create would look aesthetically pleasing, having the right color, filter, and frame in order to fit in with the rest of your client’s visual feeds.

Now imagine this scenario: you are asked to make certain editing to a particular graphic while you are away from your desktop PC or on the run. So how will you make the required changes?

Forget the hassle, think photo editing apps!

While designing is still complicated like before, photo editing apps have made the designer’s life easier. They have eliminated the need of sitting in front of your personal computer when making even the slightest changes.

With this photo editing app, all you need to do is open it in your smartphone and make the required changes with a touch on the screen. This way, you can accomplish tasks on the go.

However, the market is flooded with an array of photo editing apps and choosing the right design app can be confusing and time-consuming as well.

No need to panic as we have handpicked some best photo editing apps every designer must use.

Adobe Photoshop

This powerful editing app from Adobe is a simple yet sophisticated solution for editing, capturing and sharing your photos. What makes this app stand out of the rest? 

Firstly, it is a simple application capable of serving both novices and pros. Secondly, the app comes with five preset modes to improve tone, contrast, exposure and color.
Other amazing features are watermarking, RAW photo support and flawless editing.
The basic version of this app is free to download. With a paid version of $10 a month, you get extra features like perspective correction and selective adjustments. Besides, you can access your photos across all your devices.

Download Adobe Photoshop for iOS or Android


Snapseed is counted among one of the most reliable apps available. Fun fact for those unacquainted, Snapseed is actually the brainchild of Google.

The app is loaded with essential editing features like adding text, cropping, turning and straightening, as well as over 20 filters to choose from.
Control Point Technology is the major USP of Snapseed! It automatically creates attractive masks to minimize editing requirements. All you need to do is tap over the image to set a control point. Then, drag the finger within the editing circle to choose and modify the image.

Download Snapseed for iOS or Android


We have listed VSCO to this list because of its features given below:

  • Enabling edit with new summer presets
  • Emulating film with advanced presets
  • Transforming videos with mobile editing

For this purpose(s), VSCO stands out as one of the all-time favorite photography apps. The app has easy-to-use editing tools and social features letting you connect with other designers or photographers. You can adjust each of its filters for contrast, saturation and brightness.

VSCO X is a membership version which includes over 100 classic VSCO presets, tools and other additions.

Download VSCO for iOS or Android

Afterlight 2

Afterlight 2 is dubbed as a complete photo editing app thanks to its natural filters and effective editing tools that help in editing images with ease.

Furthermore, you can create your own filters using Fusions feature provided by the app. Besides that, one can pinch zoom into the image while fine-tuning the microscopic details.

Last but not the least—the app lets you choose the frames or background image of your choice. 

Download Afterlight Express for iOSor Android

Screenshots of


Another powerful image editing app on our list as it accepts files as large as 100 megapixels.

Pixelmator is an iOS app that aids your photo editing job on the go. You can sync it with all iOS devices like Mac, iPad and iPhone.

Pixelmator can be integrated with Adobe Photoshop. For example, you can import the images between the app for iPhone and other apps with an ease.With the help of pre-designed color adjustment presets, you can improve or tweak image colors. 

 Download PixelMator for iOS


GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program and is an open source program. It is compatible with all OS platforms including Windows, OS and Linux.

Generally, it is a wonderful app for black and white conversions. It lets you convert color images to black and white, along with basic color curves, layer masks and more. Fashion designers can see more benefits with this app as they can give their social media posts an appealing touch.

Photoshop Express

It is a mini version of Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop Express is a great photo editing app for creating photo collages, making it a must-have for social media marketers. It lets you explain your photo with digital stickers before saving and posting directly on Facebook or Instagram.

However, there is a trade-off as the app accepts only the file smaller than 16 MP.

Download Photoshop Express for iOS or Android

So these are some wonderful photo editing apps that let you do the work on the go. Again, choose the one which can go well with your requirements. Otherwise, it would be a waste of money and efforts as well if the app can do little to help.

Have you used any of above mentioned designing apps? Or are you looking for another designing app or app prototyping tool? Do we think the list should have more app or skipped some important one? Please let us know by commenting below.


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