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What are the 5 stages of the Design Thinking Process?

What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking is an iterative, non-linear process used by most professionals to understand users, redefine problems, and create innovat…

Athar Majeed on July 18, 2021
How Team Collaboration Tools Helps in Business Growth

Learn here how using an online team collaboration tool can keep your team organized, focused and lead them to productivity.

Collaboration is defined as “the ac

Athar Majeed on November 17, 2019
How Using Workflow Management Tool Can Boost your Team Productivity

Reportedly, around 60% of businesses can save around 30% time and effort with the automation of some repetitive tasks in their regular workflow. It includes generati…

Athar Majeed on November 17, 2019
How Should You Improve Your Design Communication

Ways to Improve Design Communication Between Developers, Team Players and Clients

Picture yourself walking into Starbucks, getting in line and thinking to yoursel…

Athar Majeed on July 23, 2015
Why is a Design Collaboration Tool Essential to your Design Flow?

We understand the need for a design collaboration tool to engage, brainstorm, document decisions, to resolve conflict and to track progress. The user interface of yo…

Athar Majeed on January 7, 2015
Pull the Plug on Messy Design Communication?

“I don’t feel in control of my design work anymore.” ‘Feedback’, ‘Comments’, ‘Suggestions’ are all coming in from every direction and I, just want to 'Pull my hair out'…

Athar Majeed on September 5, 2014
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