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Design Sprint - Everything You Need to Know About It

This article will provide your detailed information about Design Sprint, when to use it and why to use it. Read to know more.

What is design sprint?

According to GV, desi…

Athar Majeed on January 30, 2019
Why Staying Organised as a Designer is Essential

Even though designers' work is often considered to derive from the chaotic properties of art, every professional observes an unconscious level of systemic conduct. …

Athar Majeed on December 13, 2018
5 Important Things to Know About Product Design

What does it take to create a product design that works? From choosing a right colour scheme to enhancing its emotional value, there are many things to be incorporated i

Athar Majeed on November 18, 2018
Designing Apps for Kids - Best Practices

There is no one who hangs up an incoming call faster than a kid watching a video or playing games on a parent’s Smartphone. Many parents can testify, hands up high, to that…

Athar Majeed on March 21, 2017
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