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How to Change Your Career from Graphic Designer to UX Designer

Are you looking to switch your career from a graphic designer to UX designer? Then this article is just for you.

Your existing skills and experience will give you a head s…

Athar Majeed on June 2, 2020
Understanding the Role of Prototyping in App Development

Mobile app prototyping is a form of user research to validate the strategic design direction of a product. In mobile app development, prototypes build an understandi

Athar Majeed on May 26, 2020
Work From Home in COVID 19 - 6 Useful Tools

The outbreak of COVID-19, better known as coronavirus, has prompted a total lockdown across the world. This is a tricky situation for the businesses as they will have t…

Athar Majeed on March 31, 2020
How to write the perfect plan for content remarketing

Content marketing is crucial in every company’s business strategy and has taken off in recent years. In this technological age, we’re constantly exposed to content m

Athar Majeed on January 23, 2020
How Using Workflow Management Tool Can Boost your Team Productivity

Reportedly, around 60% of businesses can save around 30% time and effort with the automation of some repetitive tasks in their regular workflow. It includes generati…

Athar Majeed on November 17, 2019
Color Theory for UX Design: A Brief Guide for Designers

Do you pick the colours randomly for your design project?

Or you finalize the colour scheme just because it looks great on a design?
But colours are as important as your d…

Athar Majeed on June 16, 2019
Top 7 Techniques for Effective UX Research

Just like the living, the marketplace has evolved over the years and through the aid of digital and tech world, what were deemed as the norm are shifting and adjusting to …

Athar Majeed on March 13, 2019
7 Effective Tips to Monetise Your App

In the times that we live, just a click of a button has saved us a lot of travels, efforts, time and most of all money thanks to the little innovations called mobile apps. Th…

Athar Majeed on February 20, 2019
When To Schedule Meetings, Take Breaks, and Quit Your Job

Life is always about time, and a ringing fact is you can’t experience it twice. Just like an hour-glass, once the dust drains, it’s done; we can’t rewind it nor move it for…

Athar Majeed on January 14, 2019
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