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How to write the perfect plan for content remarketing

Content marketing is crucial in every company’s business strategy and has taken off in recent years. In this technological age, we’re constantly exposed to content m

Athar Majeed on January 23, 2020
How to Get Started with Designing for Inclusivity

A good designer has a great capacity for empathy and works to create interactive designs that are inclusive of every user. However, there are many software and applica…

Athar Majeed on January 5, 2020
How to Choose a Color Palette for Eye-Catching Design

Are you looking for the right colors for your website or brand?

Technically speaking, are you looking for the right COLOR SCHEME?

At this stage, most designers randoml…

Athar Majeed on December 9, 2019
How Team Collaboration Tools Helps in Business Growth

Learn here how using an online team collaboration tool can keep your team organized, focused and lead them to productivity.

Collaboration is defined as “the ac

Athar Majeed on November 17, 2019
6 Essential User-Interface (UI) Design Tips

Let’s find out what it requires for creating a great website interface that can enhance user experience.

The design of your website is more important for conversions t…

Athar Majeed on August 28, 2019
How Augmented Reality Can Improve the IoT Product Design

The development of IoT (Internet of Things) has made possible a variety of scenarios that only seemed fiction 10 years ago. The ability to connect various devices, suc…

Athar Majeed on August 11, 2019
6 Practical Techniques To Improve Mobile UX

Apps are deleted within
5.8 days of installation—this is what Adjust,
a leading mobile marketing company, found after analyzing 8 billion apps from
January to July 20…

Athar Majeed on July 28, 2019
What Is The Difference Between UI Design, UX Design, And Interaction Design?

Every day there are billions of people using the internet and visiting web pages. User Interface design, user experience design, and interaction design make this pro…

Athar Majeed on June 18, 2019
Top UI Animations for Your Mobile App

Animation has gone beyond kid’s shows, entertainment to something more serious like user interface. Undoubtedly, it is an effective tool to build interaction with u…

Athar Majeed on June 18, 2019
Color Theory for UX Design: A Brief Guide for Designers

Do you pick the colours randomly for your design project?

Or you finalize the colour scheme just because it looks great on a design?
But colours are as important as your d…

Athar Majeed on June 16, 2019
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