How can you become a better UX Designer?

October 23, 2021

Athar Majeed

The role of a UX Designer is essential in any tech business. The UX designer's general role is critical and is described as strategic, empathetic, technical, and collaborative. This article will uncover more about their specific roles in the business and with practical tips on becoming a better UX Designer.

Let's review the meaning of User Experience (UX). It is the process of designing physical or digital products that are useful, easy to use and engage the customer. UX is essential in product creation and development. User experience is the answer to: "what, why, and how products are being used.

UX designer's general role is critical and is described as strategic, empathetic, technical, and collaborative.

Learning the concept of user experience allows you a better understanding of the main goal/role of a UX Designer.

What's your role as a UX Designer? 

1. Understanding human behaviour

A UX designer understands human behaviour. They know why a customer will need or use a specific product. Later on, they could test assumptions by conducting user research. The role of a UX Designer is to know the answers to the what, why, and how questions before a product creation (what the product is all about, why the product is beneficial, and how the customers will use the product). 

2. Conducts research

The role of a UX Designer includes conducting research and analysis. The purpose of the research is to investigate how the customers or users will feel about a product/s that will be presented to them. They will apply the knowledge from their findings to product creation or development. This is to ensure the best customer experience for the product end-users.

The UX Designer will use the data collected from research to disseminate the information to the rest of the team. They will be involved in designing the product, and they will confirm from users if they find value from the product they will or have created.

3. Communicates with the client

It is crucial to communicate with the client and show them what a good user experience means. The role of a UX Designer is to explain to the user why it's critical for the team to get involved in the product creation process. In addition, how their input would help drive the direction for this product or service. 

4. Create products to realise company goals

From the products created by a UX Designer, the business can benefit by creating or designing products that help achieve company goals. They develop tools that aid in increasing productivity, increasing sales and revenue and customer satisfaction. They also collaborate with other team members to collect feedback and gather data if there are any issues after using their product so they can further develop its features.

The role of a UX Designer is to know the answers to the what, why, and how questions before a product creation.

5 Tips on How to Become a Better UX Designer

1. Look at the big picture.

A better UX Designer doesn't only care about the design of the product, but they look at the big picture, including other areas connected to it like the users, the product, and the technologies.

2. Develop a realistic expectation of outcomes

To become a better UX Designer, you should be able to develop a realistic expectation of outcomes. UX Designers of digital product/s for instance, already know what visual design will and will not work in a specific UI at an early stage before they start designing a product (or even before they begin coding).

3. Develop multiple skills

Progress your skills as a UX Designer and aim to become a full-stack designer. This means the UX designer can complete a development project or a design on their own by being able to develop multiple skills. They are involved through the entire life-cycle process, and they will be using tools like Marvel, InVision, HTML/CSS, etc.

4. Create and implement a UX strategy

A better UX designer is someone who has a plan and implements a strategy. Firstly, they need to understand the needs of the client. Collect all the data as much as possible, and use the information gathered and communicate it with their design teams. Second, they ensure that the UX team is all on the same page regarding its business strategy.

5. Domain Knowledge  

A better UX Designer understands the industry and key players (i.e. competitors), the "user need" in the market, and the target market (including its size). They can set up a roadmap that includes strategic prioritisation of projects and propose a schedule for introducing product features in the team and/or with the client. Also, they can establish good relationships with business leads and help other teams (e.g. marketing team) achieve a better result.

Secrets traits:

  • You should learn to develop multiple skills suitable in your field of expertise and use the right tools. 
  • Show your work to other people and invite them for feedback. This will give you more insights and add up to your experience. 
  • Learn to build your network, connectm communicate and engage with the users,
  • Establish good relationships with your team, business leaders, and other teams, and always collaborate to discuss product features and plan changes. 
  • Last but not least, learn to build trust. It will gain your long-term relationships with clients too.


To sum it all up, the roles of a UX Designer are essential in any business. Their functions in the company are described as strategic, empathetic, technical, and collaborative. They understand human behaviour, conduct user research, communicate with clients. Helps teams to create or design better products to achieve company goals. 


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