How Savah Can Help Teams Stay Connected During Lockdown - Covid19

June 10, 2020

Athar Majeed

This article will walk you through some benefits of Savah and how it help teams stay connected while working from home. Sign Up for a free trial now!

Many countries have been put under lockdown to prevent coronavirus from preventing further. According to a number of scientists and WHO apparently this is the only way until we have any vaccine to fight the virus. While lockdown is essential to flatten the curve of COVID 19, it has taken a heavy toll on businesses.

With business premises are closed due to lockdown enforced by the government, employees are being asked to work from their home or remotely. While working from home comes with benefits like a flexible schedule, comfortable environment, zero commuting, and no office distractions, it might be challenging for the businesses or teams that heavily rely on collaboration and face-to-face interactions to work over a project.

You can understand this matter better if you are into app prototyping or app designing. Being a graphics designer, you need to have quick feedback, inputs from stakeholders and most importantly to engage with your team. At the same time keeping other development teams in the loop.

Mobile and Web App Prototyping Tool

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But first of all, it is the design of the app that should be approved. That’s why working from home may be problematic for app designers.

They need other people physically around them to understand and imply the concepts appropriately. Communication through emails is quite frustrating as you have to keep track of the piles of emails. Similarly, using your messenger app won’t be that useful.

The problems are even bigger with a critical project with multiple layers.

Will you get a timely response on your prototype so you can move further?

You need to keep everyone, from stakeholders, clients to developers, on the same page for easy and streamlined collaboration.

Enter collaboration tools. They keep everyone on the same page; let you track down progress; collaborate on any aspects; and share and access files from anywhere, anytime.

However, you need to choose a specific tool for your prototyping. After all, it is one of the delicate processes to be done with utmost care and collaboration.

That’s why we have developed SAVAH to simplify and streamline the app prototyping process.


Savah is specially designed for all prototyping needs. It helps you create stunning apps and transform your designs into functional prototypes. This is really a useful tool to facilitate app prototyping when team members are away from each other. It lets them share the design and get timely feedback by keeping everyone in the loop.

In a nutshell, it is your all-in-one design sharing, collaboration, workflow, and prototyping tool.

The Amazing Features of SAVAH to Boost Your Productivity

Design Collaboration

Collaboration is a key concern among the design team working from home or remotely. And this is quite evident when it comes to complicated tasks like prototyping. That’s why Savah has addressed this issue with its useful collaboration features.

Say goodbye to the piles of email chains. See your feedback instantly and to-do things. Set due dates and assign tasks to different team members.

Our design collaboration simplifies the process by working over the points given below:

  • Invite your team: Savah lets you invite a team of clients, designers, developers, managers, and stakeholders.
  • Create Team: Organize people and clients into teams. It’s more like a workspace to group people and projects at one place.
  • Comments, Conversation, and Notification: Your team can leave comments on the designs and mention a specific person to notify them. Savah comes with a centralized comments system so that nothing can be skipped or missed. A “mentioned” member will get a quick email or notification.
  • Project Sharing: You can create a project and share it with a shareable link that can be password protected.
  • Task Assignments: Assign projects to team members by mentioning a sense of responsibility.
  • Activity Feed: This feed helps you keep track of the account activity across all projects or any individual one. You can see who has or hasn’t reviewed the things and follow up for skipped input. Besides, you can get a daily email of all feedback associated with your designs.

Try Savah Design Collaboration Tool

With better communication and collaboration, Savah helps you design better digital products.


Workflow management is also the core of any project management. It includes planning, mapping, coordinating all aspects of your project structure and other day-to-day tasks. That’s why project workflow management is an important feature of Savah.

It lets you track overall progress as well as how each process goes with others. For example, you can assign the project as screens to anyone in your team. You can set a due date on each screen to set a milestone for the completion of the project.

This way, you can see those screens to get a clear picture of the progress. You can either create the screens according to the various parts of the design or multiple projects. With Savah’s workflow feature, you always stay at the top of the project. Plus, you can create your own project workflow based on your specific requirements.

Key Takeaway

Detail view for each design screen: This helps you plan ans manage all aspects of your projects in one place. Custom workflow can be created while the design process can be automated from just a concept to a completed design. You can create a deadline and assign tasks to team members. You can see who is doing what and what has to be done by when.


Savah also lets you integrate with other tools, such as Google Drive, Sketch Apps, Dropbox, Trello, JIRA, Basecamp and many more. You can auto-sync with the Dropbox. You can upload your design screens right from Google Drive that also keeps you in sync with the changes made to your design screens.

Savah Integrations Platforms

Offline iOS App

Savah is also available as an app for the iOS platform so that you can create, assign and track the process from anywhere, anytime. With Savah for iOS, you can create working prototypes and get into touch with your team and client in real-time.

And Savah mobile app can work even without the Internet connection, making it ideal for the designers struggling with poor or no Internet. For example, you can browse and edit your prototype offline.

Bottom Line:

So you must have understood how Savah can promote collaboration and boost productivity when your people are working from their home. In a nutshell, Savah creates a virtual workplace to promote sharing, accessibility, collaboration and syncing. With the help of this tool, your design team can create an amazing and thoughtful prototype as they do together at the office.

We take pride in the fact that we constantly add new features and functionalities in Savah to ensure to make things easier and more streamlined than before.

Savah empowers teams to design awesome products, where they can present digital designs in real-time, collect feedback and speed up the design approval process.

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