How Should You Improve Your Design Communication

July 23, 2015

Athar Majeed

Ways to Improve Design Communication Between Developers, Team Players and Clients

Picture yourself walking into Starbucks, getting in line and thinking to yourself ‘what a fine morning it is for an Expresso!’ while watching satisfied Starbuck Lovers in front of you getting served with contented smiles holding cups full of happiness. Now, it’s your turn, and you order, ‘One Expresso, please.’ The attendant hangs for a while, probably waiting for something while staring at you. Yes, no? Yes, you have left out details. This similarly often happens in the field of design where clients leave out instructions or give a little while on the other hand designers ask little or ‘hang’ to wait for the clients' instructions instead of simply asking. This is an example of bad communication practice and just like you losing out on a ravishing Caramel Macchiato that you had in mind, a client would have a delay getting his/her finished design or even, in the worst case, end up with a design that doesn’t meet their expectations. Consequently, the developer would have failed regardless of his/her skill and prowess in designing.

So how important is a design communication? VERY ‘important’. It resolves problems experience by both the client and designers at a fast pace. It’s usually distressing for a designer to keep going from pillars to poles, losing time and initial enthusiasm because of inadequate communication. And also the client’s psyche fades away when his/her feedback and instructions on a design are not met with accordance and as desired. Worst off, the absence of communication can woe the relationship between a designer and a client leading them to regrettably part ways.

Communication is undoubtedly an important aspect and drive in the design process. A well-grounded conversation between a client and a designer may see through tremendous steps in the creation of a satiating end product. Furthermore, the designer would avoid wasting time, money and effort invested in the designing process. Hence, the bridge between a happy client and a jovial designer is simply good design communication. So how should you improve your design communication?

Teaching A Client On How To Communicate And Work With You

Sometimes a client needs a little nudge into the right direction. As, someone once reiterated that ‘clients don’t know how to be good clients unless they are taught’, simply explaining that it’s a job for a developer or designer to teach and lead the client through the approach of a project explaining the process and even instructions according to the expectations of a client.

Therefore, a developer can take charge in leading the process and improve the design communication between the two collaborating fronts.   This will reduce bad feedback and stress. Also by doing this, a level of collaboration will be defined countenancing exchange of visions with both parties playing a role in executing instruction while surpassing limitations and impossibilities in creating a kickass product.

Quick Response Time

It’s a busy world where time is always ticking and where clear, precise and prompt communications are appreciated. In order to improve your design communication, feedback from clients should be responded to on time. This practice takes two to tango, thus clients themselves should reply to developers in a timely manner on inquiries presented on them. For a project two run effectively, you can improve design communication where each person’s two cents is replied to in time.

Emphasis On Clarification Of Instructions

When communicating about designs, it’s apropos to lay out design directions and styles in detail and discuss them between the developer, team players and clients. This will lead to fruitful discussions where vivid pictures of what is expected of the final product will emerge while sparking creativity in the process. Confidence should also be instilled in all parties encouraging the sharing of clear thoughts and ideas cooked in everyone’s mind right off the bat. Such clear and open inputs will improve your design communication and consequently the final product.

Direct Conversations

A valued communication process translates to quality work. Direct conversations with clients where specific and clear instructions on unclear design features, transitions and even flow of a UI design are freely exchanged would create a cordial relationship which would tackle design problems with more enthusiasm and ultimately generate a better product. Thus, another way to improve your design communication is by holding close to heart direct conversations especially within your design.

Communicate With Your Team And Client Right On Your Designs

How many times have you had numerous meetings with your colleagues and clients and you made, as you thought at the time, detailed notes on their feedback and suggestions? Not even mentioning the threads of email communication between you, your colleagues and clients but still left surprisingly confused. You have emails; notes on pieces of paper, your designs separately presented and you are trying to bring every piece together to implement everyone’s feedback but still get more confused in the process, struggling and pulling your hair out while figuring out where to start. The anxiety kicking in, feeling you will never complete your deadlines in and on time as the handover meeting approaches. Such pressures are unnecessary and left face it; we can do away with them. Yes, we can!

Calling all start-ups, designers, creative teams and their clients to Try for free and turn that confusion into productive, creative design. It is the remedy to endless confusions because of slack in communication systems. Design Collaboration and Prototyping Made Simple. 'Savah' is a new approach that puts you in control and makes your life easier saving you much needed time. It is a reputable, safe and secure platform that will give you and your team the ‘wow’ factor to your clients.

With Savah you can effortlessly invite your design team and clients to your projects where they can openly review and contribute. Savah lets teams and clients add annotations and discussion threads on the same scream, making it much easier to perfect your project. With quick and improved visual feedback on your designs from your team and clients, this will help you to get your designs perfected and approved at a fast-pace. Saving you much needed time. Savah puts you in the driving seat.

It’s free to get started and will always be free. We would like to offer you a no-obligation 30-day unlimited-use free trial for any of our paid packages. No credit card required. Just complete the sign-up process on our website and you’re in!

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