How Simple Prototyping Platforms Can Win More Clients?

August 11, 2015

Athar Majeed

The buzzword surrounding app development now seems to be ‘prototype’ as businesses and app designers strive to find a way to design a mock-up app. It is difficult for clients to understand exactly how their app works without practically seeing an example. However, how is that beneficial for the designer? They cannot spend hours creating and coding an app for a presentation or demonstration, only to be turned down and not be paid for the time and effort.

This challenge has paved way for simple prototype platforms, which are extremely easy to learn. App prototyping platforms such as Savah App allow designers and agencies to create a fully functioning example of an app, in hardly no time at all, to present to prospective clients. Does it sound useful?

There are surfeit of reasons to develop prototypes for new ideas, concepts and platforms. Prototyping Platforms to win clients starts with taking an idea and transforming it into a palpable functional existence. In this way, clients and customers exemplify exactly what the web or mobile app works and how they can go about it first-hand.Documents usually raise more questions than the answers it intends to provide especially for technological novices during a new idea or a new web and mobile app presentation and development. Prototyping can be prove helpful in sorting this out.

Benefits of Using Prototyping Platforms

Check out the below few of the benefits of using prototyping platforms:

Saves Time (No Coding Required)

With platforms such as Savah, you do not have to write a single line of code. If you spent time coding a sample app for each prospective client, you would probably run bankrupt (it is just not feasible as it is time consuming and you are essentially working without a payment fee). Save time by producing a prototype which allows you a click-through, with no coding needed. With less time spent on coding, you can keep development and payroll costs low, which leads to a leaner and more business efficiency skills.

Low Investment Venture

You would receive the benefit of doubt for thinking that such a prototyping platform would be out of your budget. However, many of these tools in the market offer low subscriptions cost and in most cases free versions. This means that you have the potential to win a lot more clients without worrying about initial investment. Take the time to discover the true price and you will find that micro and small business receive the best services (great news if you are on a budget and need tangible ROI).

Practically Engaging More Clients

The effectiveness of an interactive, engaging prototype should not be underestimated. It allows your client to understand fully how their app will work and what it will look like to users. Practically demonstrating to them is usually much more successful than telling them, and in this digital age it is simply not enough to show static image of home pages or simply flicking through a bog standard Power point presentation with a site map.

Prototypes Facilitate Improvement Of Designs

To truly understand a crafted idea is through physically manipulation. This way, you will be able to reach out to your diverse clients and strike a compelling conversation to debate over the present version with the aim to improve design of the represented platform.  A drafted idea usually erupts through a spark of imagination and it is fair to produce it as tangible imagery forms rather than superfluous words. In doing so, pieces of the idea can be easily modified immediately from sight with a room created to scribble out questionable laid out plans and revamp new designs.

Catches Unseen Errors Early

A developer’s worst nightmare is failure which in this case usually comes in the form of bug or even flaws that were unseen in the conceptualization phase of the web or mobile app development. The earlier the better; an error found prior through prototyping can stimulate improvement in a platform. Prototypes encourage failure with the goal to strike new perspectives on bad ideas and to even unfold new ideas in the process. It’s safe to say that an earlier slip ameliorates a previously developed web or mobile app interface bringing the best out of it.

Promotes Conversation

A good idea doesn’t stop on creation. It is rather enriched with a deep conversation between visionary people, i.e. the stakeholders behind its creation. Prototyping a platform to win clients involves vigorous debate and an enthralling discussion where inputs are welcomed on how to optimize the physically conceptualized idea. With a virtual prototype, both designers and clients (who may not be very skillful) can chip in with thoughts on how to best present the virtual interface.              

A Great Reference Tool for Developers

A great inspirational idea doesn’t stop at formulation. A hi-fidelity mockup can be established and a prototype developed to evaluate its performance. Prototyping Platforms to win clients starts with creating a reference tool. Yes, even guru web and mobile app designers make use of prototypes to imitate the final product.

Clients and users can then experience different interactions present in the design. For example, developers can check how a specific widget or control operates using the reference tool answering impending functionality question.

Common Ground for Collaboration between Users and Clients

As simply put, a successful web or mobile app satisfies both developers and the users. End users are also important stakeholders who get to experience how an application works as the final product. To them, understanding the design of an app is less important as they put emphasis on how particular features may be of use to them. Their discussion with developers and the team revolves around the functionality and delivery of the app. Prototyping platforms to win clients greatly depends on such discussions.

An interaction between users and the client can lead to a common vision where a final application design can be met and supported in the buying process by both teams. All this made possible from user feedbacks prompting iterations and updates.

Instills Passion and Excitement in the Team

When clients get to visualize and interact with their concepts in the form of a prototype, they are deemed to get excited of what would become of their dream ideas. Players can be more excited and jovial watching the positive progress (through iterative tests) their app is making towards producing the final product.

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As you can see, using a prototyping app platform gives you a win-win situation. You will save precious time in the sample design stage, and end up securing more clients because you can effectively show them a mock-up of their app they can get excited about. If you can win more clients by using a free or low cost tool, which is going to allow you to work smarter, then why not try it. Make use of Savah App today and watch ideas come to life.

What do you think? Does creating prototypes for your web/mobile apps help you in winning more clients? I am interested in hearing your thoughts and feedback on this in the comments below please.


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