How to Change Your Career from Graphic Designer to UX Designer

June 2, 2020

Athar Majeed

Are you looking to switch your career from a graphic designer to UX designer? Then this article is just for you.

Your existing skills and experience will give you a head start in UX designing. 

Graphic designers are supposed to be equipped with creativity, vision, curiosity, and a passion for learning. And these traits will help you transit from graphic designer to UX designer. 

Although both fields are related to design, they are different from each other in some terms. Graphic designers are usually focused on aesthetics. UX designers make user-centric designs to ensure better interaction between the users and their designs. 

UX designing is a vast field that involves competitive analysis, user interviews, journey flows, and persona creation to make their products engaging for the users.

That’s why they are not somehow the same. 

While your existing skillset can be advantageous, you need to go beyond to learn the nuances of UX designing

This guide will educate you on everything you need to have a successful transition.

Understanding What Exactly Is UX Design

First of all, you need to understand what UX design is and how it is different from graphic design. 

Having the basics of UX design in mind will help you further, especially when you will be carried away by your aesthetics rather than creating from the user’s viewpoint.  

UX or User Experience design is done to improve the usability of digital products to ensure a better user experience with digital products. 

Simply put, user experience is all about how users get engaged with your product. 

For example, a website designed with the norms of UX will have the right placement of its button, navigation bar, contact form as well as the color combination. A website for the elderly will have the big fonts and right color palette to boost the readability for seniors. Similarly, a website for school kids will have funky fonts and simple navigation. 

UX designers consider the user journey, assess concerns, and identify requirements and design accordingly. 

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Learn Skills

The role of a UX designer is strategic, empathetic, technical, and collaborative. 

One of the soft skills you need to develop is empathy. You need to value the insights of other people. UX is all about connecting with and promoting the needs of your target audience. You need to make certain decisions that should benefit the company’s finances, brand, and overall strategy. 

Work over your skills to organize. After all, the job of a UX designer involves multiple tasks, meetings, ideas, and data sets. Therefore, it is important to keep things organized

Collaboration is another important skill to cultivate UX designers work frequently with other teams like UI designers, stakeholders, and developers. 

Build Your Networks

Once you have worked over the required skill set for UX, you might find it useful to build your connection with the professionals. And the best place to get started is LinkedIn. You can join some UX groups and start contributing. Build a network with your peers. It might help you develop a relationship with the community. You can learn from the experience of those UX designers. 

Learn Important UX Tools

You as a graphic designer might be proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator Draw, and various other tools. However, the tools of a UX designer are mostly different. You need to learn those tools if you're looking to change your career from graphic designer to UX designer. And most of these tools can be prototyping apps. One such tool used by UX designers is Savah. Savah enables you to transform static screens into code-free interactive app prototypes fast – whether you’re designing web, mobile or smart-watch experiences.

Try Savah Prototyping Tool

Make Real Interactive Web and Mobile App Prototypes

Opt for UX Courses

Many online learning platforms offer short UX courses. Being a graphic designer, it should be easy for you to grasp things. If you are looking for advanced learning and want to master the art, the craft and the science of UX design, go for the certification program. Taking a full course in UX design can help you jump start your career change. 

Besides, you can attend workshops and events. This will not only help you develop essential skills but also allow you to develop professional relationships and gain inspiration. The good thing is that most of the events or workshops are free of cost. 

Read UX Articles

To know more about the industry and stay updated on the key UX trends, read UX articles. Reading these blogs will equip you with essential information on the tools, practices, and the latest trends. 

Promote Your Work

You can start making UX design as you learn the nuances. Arrange your work in the form of a portfolio. You can also promote your work using social media sites. There are some websites such as Dribble and Behance where you can showcase your work.  

Bottom Line:

Although graphic designing and UX designing are somehow interrelated, both are different industries with different tools and workflows. Therefore, you might feel it challenging to change your career from graphic designer to UX designer. However, preparation and being equipped with key skills can ensure your smooth transition. 

What do you think? Let us know by commenting below! 

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