Why Savah App Launched - The Inside Story

September 17, 2014

Athar Majeed

We are very excited and pleased to have launched SavahApp a couple of weeks ago.

In 2011,  we started working on a collaboration platform for students, academics and alumni’. Our team was based all over the world from London, New York, Dubai and Lahore. It was here, we experience first hand a major design communication problem. We spent hours, days, weeks trying to finalise our initial design. I was sending countless emails back-and-forth with design feedback to our designers and at the same time, numerous back and forth emails, Skype calls and of course, face to face meetings with my team but the whole process was confusing and not at all productive. We wasted so much time and money. We all felt there must be a quick and simple way to communicate design communication to your team that was robust and simple. In 2011 we looked at the market to see if there was any tools that we could use to simply receive and send feedback back and forth to our team. There were many prototyping tools available but they were missing design communication and it was the design communication facility that we needed.

We were so frustrated so decided to build our own in-house little tool to solve this specific problem that we were having. Our tool was very basic and allowed us to upload our design images and all of us then could add comments, suggestions onto the image. This made our life so much easier. This has worked really well for us and later on, some of our friends have also started using it as well.

It was in 2013 that we took note of the advancement made in the industry as well as the growing need to improve the user experience and that making the perfect design is the key for any product. It was at the same time that I was working with many design agencies and it was the same design communication problems that I was experiencing time after time.

December 2013, we started to explore the market. We knew, experienced and witnessed the need for a design communication platform in the market that would bring the wow factor to designers, creative teams and design agencies to help them save time and deliver awesome products to their clients.

To date, we are doing well and have received excellent response from the companies that we have spoken with and in the near future, we are releasing some more amazing features for our customer to help them solve their design communication problems and enable them to work more productive and smarter. As we believe this is just the beginning!

Design Collaboration and Prototyping (Web/Mobile) Made Simple

SavahApp is a collaborative platform that streamlines feedback right to your design screen and allows designers to create high-fidelity prototypes for web and mobile apps without writing a single line of code. Which = Happy Teams, Clients and of course Over the Moon Designers

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As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. This was the case when the idea of the SavahApp was conceived. The difficulties associated with messy communication seem to increase especially in complex cases such as those involving designing. The success of any given project relies on the efficiency with which messages are shared between all the stakeholders. Ideally, why would one choose a pattern that is so messy and one so impossible to control? Having a grip on everything that relates to a given project is important in ensuring nothing goes wrong. Even if risks do occur, a controlled structure makes mitigation and recovery efforts easier. The Savahapp was designed to secure all forms of communication within the organization and with all its clients. This role is made possible by the various functionalities that facilitate separate but systemic control requirements.

One of the main functions the app was created for was to create a diverse platform via which designers can get feedback from clients, product managers, other designers and developers regarding any on-going projects. The design collaboration functionality allows real-time responses from each of these parties through its online design collaboration platform. Further, its web design collaboration function allows any designs made to be viewed from any browser without requiring plug-ins. Any notable progress would be observed while issues can be dealt with as soon as possible. Ideally, this functionality was developed with the purpose of ensuring the final product would be sufficient as per all the stakeholders’ standards. Therefore, not only does it address the question of product quality but it also ensures that everyone’s confidence in it is well placed. The app also allows these collaborators to be divided according to the roles they play. This organization ensures the designer is able to get significantly relevant feedbacks according to the collaborator’s role or area of expertise.

The app prototyping functionality was meant to provide realistic testing for any design underway. The application’s capability allows the designer to set up and access control measures that will ensure only authorised parties are able to use it. This level of security makes the developer confident that the product will not be undermined by parties who do not have a hand in it. Further, these prototypes can be uploaded or imported from cloud storages or remote servers with the right authorizations. This functionality ensures they can be accessed remotely or through any device that is linked. Further, it allows progress to be monitored by storing all versions of the applications. These can then be used for comparison, which is important for noting any progress made.

The SavahApp was not just meant to serve the needs of designers. It was also created to improve the efficiency of any form of communication that may be required between the designer, the team, supervisors and the clients. By streamlining communication, any hindrances to collaboration would be eliminated. The challenges that come about due to messy design communication would be done away with thus saving on time and resources.

With Savah App, we control the future of design!


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