Introducing Savah 2.0

January 30, 2019

Athar Majeed

We have been working over the last few months on Savah 2.0 release. Over the last few month we have been really busy working on Savah 2.0. A release definitely to watch out for. We have spent a lot of time talking to our existing users and took their feedback into great consideration when planning our road map for Savah. In this latest release our users can expect many new and long-awaited features. On top of that, we have designed. developed and re-engineered a lot of things behind the scenes. There is still a lot to come and we are really excited about 2019.

What's new in Savah

The followings are the key features that are part of the 2.0 release.

Sketch app plugin
One of the most requested features. With the Sketch app plugin, you are now able to design in Sketch and push your changes instantly to Savah.  Savah will maintain all the design changes and versions on your account so that you can switch between different design versions or see how your design was developed over time.

Prototyping using Timer
With Savah, you can now create a time based prototype for any device. Set now a timer for each screen and watch your screen to automatically chance once the time is up. With this, you can turn your prototypes into a video or gif and showcase the complete user journey from start to end without any user interaction.

Auto-Sync your design with Google Drive
In addition to auto-sync with the Dropbox, you can upload your design screens now from Google Drive. Any changes made to your design screens in Google drive will automatically sync in your Savah project.  

Make prototypes for iPhone X
We have also added support for the iPhone X. This enables you to create prototypes in both portrait and landscape mode.

Make prototypes for Apple Watch
Thanks to our new support feature for the Apple Watch you can now prototype in both, size 38 and 42. Present your Apple Watch design screens in an advanced mode.

Recent Activity:
Keep track of everything that's happening in your project. Every key action gets logged in, and you can view them in an Activity page. You can see the specific project activities or view all the activities in one place.

Email notification
Part of Savah 2.0 is also a newly launched email notification service for all team and company plan users. This will allow you to receive notification about recent activities happening within your projects.

Overall design improvements
Last but not least, we have improved the overall product design and user experience. We have re-designed the prototype creation process, added additional links to support the 'back' button and external URL links.

What's next?

We are working on some of the exciting set of features and which are coming up over the next few months. More design changes are coming soon for 2019 so stay tuned.

iOS app
View all of your projects on the soon to be launched iOS app, upload screens and snapshots from there and discover more exciting app features to come.

This is currently in beta, if you want early access then just add let us know.

Workflow 2.0
This first version for the screen workflow launched last year and we are working on taking this to the next level. Assign design screen(s), add design brief(s) for your design team and much more.

Skack plugin
Get notified if new design screens are upload to any project shared with you or if one of your collaborators leaves comments on an design screen.

Feature Request
We are always in the lookout for new features and functionalities that make your prototyping and design collaboration processes easier. Please let us know what you would like to see in the next release and we will try our best to develop it for you. Just hit reply.


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