Prototyping for Web and Mobile Apps, Why Bother Now?

July 3, 2021

Athar Majeed

Businesses operate in a digital economy today, making mobile and web experiences part and parcel to achieve brand affinity. Therefore, more and more companies have started appreciating the value of user experience design. Developing a user-friendly and engaging app is the necessity of time now, and it begins with app prototyping, no matter if it is a mobile or web app.

Why Prototyping is Important for Web & Mobile Apps?

As a prototype is a preliminary visualization of a complete product, it builds an understanding of the product. It helps to know how customers use and respond to the overall UX design.

Furthermore, it enables designers to make necessary changes before finalizing the product before it is too late and too expensive to make changes to the UX.

Benefits of prototyping

Some of the significant benefits of prototyping are:

  • It brings a possible experience of the final product allowing companies to guess the quality and services provided by an app.
  • It reduces the chances of flaws and faults in the product that are the natural outcomes of the guesswork and imagination about what is about to be built and its end goal. In this way, prototypes help to reduce misunderstandings about the product.
  • An early visualization of the product as a result of prototyping helps stakeholders in the early identification and solution of the problem that can be very troublesome to solve at the later stage.
  • Prototypes make the testing and evaluation of the product easier and enable the users to try out building services before the projects start.
  • Digital pixels are economical to use and make experimentation more accessible and affordable, allowing users to explore different approaches to achieve the desired result.

So Why Should We Bother Now?

Prototyping gives you better clarity about what you will build ultimately and saves the stakeholders from unexpected shocks. Shared comprehension of desired functionality, look and feel, user flow is hard to get without visual aid, and a prototype helps solve that problem. Its value increases manifold as it removes any uncertainty in this regard by building out interaction, visuals, and interface in the prototype. As all stakeholders can view and interact with the app before spending the money to develop it, it becomes easier to achieve its intended purpose.

As the efforts are put in design rather than in development, quicker change rounds are possible, and iterations of the prototype can be rolled out multiple times a week. Clients are usually encouraged to request several rounds of changes until the perfection of the app. Better collaboration between UX designers, product owners, and developers ensures that the solution proposed in the prototype will be suitable for everyone involved when the product reaches the development phase.

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The collaboration that is a natural outcome of the prototyping involves everyone like upper management, product managers, designers, stakeholders, marketing developers, and clients. It ensures the examination of the problems in greater detail from various backgrounds and perspectives. Feedback and discussion help to ensure the creation of a product that solves user pain points well. The final product that is prepared in this way closely embodies the company's ideas and features and meets specific project goals.

One of the most challenging aspects of getting an app built for enterprise organizations is achieving stakeholder alignment. With several parties with decision-making influence, acceptance is never simple. So, prototyping makes it easier to convince other stakeholders by demonstrating the value of the product to them. The reason is, it is easier to convince many people to spend a certain amount of dollars on an app after showing them precisely what it will look like and how it will work than simply reading a set of quality and telling them that it will be great.

Emailing Back and Forth your Design Files

Furthermore, the involvement of all parties in the planning process during the prototyping removes many implementational difficulties that might arise during the development phase. So, it is beneficial to involve the stakeholders and all other relevant team members in the planning process. It will help in a well-aligned plan with a lot of alternate solutions to the anticipated problems. It will also help create a broader perspective and ensure the most efficient use of time.

  • The involvement of stakeholders ensures the following benefits for the project.
  • Stakeholders' involvement ensures that research makes the most impact.
  • They can collect all the information about the project's strategic direction.
  • It establishes support and secures funding for the time and resources for each critical design iteration.
  • You'll not have to do the same research twice.

A prototype is the product foundation that is continually improved until the mobile app meets business goals and is marketable. User testing during the prototyping phase helps to make possible improvements before the product is complete. It provides opportunities to explore new ideas early on in the development process.

Prototyping for web and mobile, it is possible to implement all changes and feedback from all parties into the product's design since it is much simpler to make changes to the plan before any coding begins. It is also far less expensive to rectify problems before any writing and development of codes. By prototyping for web and mobile apps, the client will be able to save time and money, and the design team will sign off the project on time hence resulting in higher levels of user satisfaction. Prototyping is indispensable in today's fast-moving digital design industry where nothing stands still to count back 3, 2, 1.

For example, the presentation of a prototype to the client(s) for clarity and feedback on the software's functionality to propose changes and modifications at this stage is convenient than at the end when the code is complete. Prototyping makes designers bring the client and user together at an earlier stage of the process to meet a good standard of the quality of the product and the end-users satisfaction.

In short, online prototyping for both web and mobile app is a great way to compile user feedback in one platform during the design stage. This will enable users and clients to test-drive the web or mobile app. Through this, the client and the design team would be able to think through the user's journey from the start to the end as if the product was live. In this way, prototyping can reduce misunderstandings between the design team and the client(s) perspective. This will result in improved design quality and products closer to the customers' end requirements.

Prototyping for Web and Mobile Apps

Let your design creativity flourish. Try Savah for a free chance of creating interactive prototypes for web and mobile apps for the following reasons.

Without a Single Line of Code

  • We are a collaborative platform that streamlines feedback right to your design screen to allow designers to create high-fidelity prototypes for web and mobile apps, and it will be Without a Single Line of Code.
  • By integrating design tools, we enable automatic update of linked images, sketches, and illustrations after an image file upload to allow the users to adapt their wireframes to their brand needs conveniently.
  • Use a pre-loaded template for web or mobile devices to allow you to create your own and reuse them in a wireframe screen that you prefer. Instead of coding, these templates enable users to create their default styles.
  • We help you to validate and design your future website and apps' navigation flows. Save your time by reproducing conditions and business processes for your UIs by skipping effortlessly through diagrams and prototypes and validating them with the specific project requirements without having to code.
  • Emailing back and Forth your Design Files
  • By creating design test usability and high-fidelity prototypes, you can easily avoid the back and forth email chaos through:
  • Collaborations whereby clients and colleagues leave their comments and feedback directly on users' designs.
  • By linking all designs to create a clickable prototype without coding.
  • Usability tests allow you to quickly analyze how users interact with your interface by helping you tweak and improve your designs.


Savah app allows you to transform all your static web and mobile application designs into interactive prototypes in the blink of an eye. Interactive prototypes are easily sharable by using a single click on your team and clients to access visual feedback. Therefore, you do not require frequent back and forth emailing. But instead, you can quickly and effortlessly invite all your design teams and clients to engage actively in your projects by providing immediate reviews and contributions.

With Savah App, there is a creation of new approaches that put you in complete control, making your life easier and saving you the much-needed time resulting in Happy Designers and Customers.

If you are looking for a great prototyping tool, then you must look for these top 10 evaluation criteria on selecting a prototype and decide which one is great for your projects.


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