Rapid Prototyping: Understanding the Importance and Benefits

September 1, 2020

Athar Majeed

Lets understand the importance and benefits of Rapid Prototyping.

What is the first thing you do when it comes to designing a mobile app?

If you are a savvy mobile app developer, you must opt for an app prototype as the very first development stage. Right?

Otherwise, jumping straight into the app development would be cumbersome and you never know if it is heading in the right direction. As an outcome of your hurried decision, you can end up losing money, effort, time and resources on a product that will need lots of modifications and revisions. 

That’s why it is important to build an app prototype before working on the actual model. 

Whether it’s a sketch or a clickable model, a prototype lets you determine the look and feel of the final product. 

What is Rapid Prototyping?

A prototype is an initial sample or model of a product created to test a concept or process. What’s rapid prototyping?

It is easy to guess from its name—to build a detailed model of a product fact. 

Why there is a need to build rapid prototyping?

This is because of the deadlines, the ability of quick iteration and launching the product ahead of a rival. 

Wikipedia defines rapid prototyping as a 

“group of techniques used to quickly fabricate a scale model of a physical part or assembly using three-dimensional computer aided design data.”

The purpose behind rapid prototyping is to create an early form of the product to test the functionality and get all user feedback as early as possible. Instead of spending days to create a prototype, the efficient team use sophisticated tools to quickly build several click-through prototypes that ensure different flows to be tested by users. 

This way, rapid prototyping lets you get lots of time for collecting feedback, iterating, discussing and re-examine the updated prototype systematically. 



What is the Importance of Rapid Prototyping?

You must have understood that rapid prototyping helps app developers quickly test on various design methods and ideas, letting them pick a more efficient visual design. And this big benefit leads to several others given below:

Saving You Time:

Time is money. If you have to deliver the app within tight deadlines or there is a heat of competition to launch your product first, rapid prototyping can make a difference. With a rapid prototype, you can get feedback as soon as possible to enhance the final design, minimize the requirements of revisions during development, and boosting productivity. 

Saving You Money:

Rapid prototyping gives an overview of your final product, letting you know the associated cost. You can cut on those unnecessary parts of development to save money. The costly revisions and modifications can be reduced. 

Quick Testing:

Rapid prototyping lets you quickly test and iterate on multiple design methods and ideas. This way, you can utilize more effective visual designs. 

Explaining the Concepts:

Not all people on the reviewing panel or investor team would be tech-savvy or developers. They are less likely to understand through codes or technical jargons. Therefore, a clickable prototype helps them understand the ins and outs of the app. The impressive functionality of the app is likely to prompt them to validate your idea or fund it. A prototype helps them determine the look and feel of the final products in the earlier stages. 

What are the Benefits of Rapid Prototyping?

Sharing Your ideas:

Rapid prototyping apps let you share your ideas with others so that you can get quick feedback or approval. For example, a mobile app prototype keeps stakeholders, clients and in-house teams on the same page. All parties can see the changes and drop their feedback. 

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Accelerating the Development Process:

As we have told you before that rapid prototyping speeds up the process. By showing a ready to code mockup to the development team, you simplify their work and save them from a lot of hassles.

The same thing can be said about the design process. By showing “ready to design” wireframe or mockup with the designer, you can save time on asking that designer build it from scratch. 

Validating Business Ideas:

With rapid prototypes, business ideas can be quickly validated as you get customer feedback quickly. It is sufficient to equip users with a ready-to-use UI, and you will be provided with a lot of insights. 

Easy To Create:

No technical expertise is required to do rapid prototyping. Thanks to the useful prototyping apps letting you create a prototype of your app. 

Paving the Way for Innovation:

Rapid prototyping paves a new way for innovation by reducing the limitation of traditional prototyping, which needs the production of prototype tools and physical components. 

Important Things to Keep in Mind While Doing Rapid Prototyping

Here are some tips to create a rapid prototype for your app.

Identify Your Target Audience:

To build an effective app, make sure it meets the purpose of your target audience. For example, if you are looking to develop a food delivery app, you should have a clear idea about what kind of issues the core of your app will resolve. How it is different? Can it be integrated with other apps?

Consider Product Requirements:

Enlist the features your app should have. The features should be prioritized according to the requirements and preferences of your target audience. 

Create Sketches:

Sketch the rough screen of your app by visualizing the features. Once the sketches are made, start building on these screens and adding details. 

Turn those Sketches into Wireframes:

The next part in developing your prototype is wireframing. A wireframe is referred to as an outline of your app. It can be something like words, lines and boxes. 

Build a Prototype:

Now turn those wireframes into a prototype. Put them together to build a basic prototype or use a specialized app. 

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Check them for Quality:

Before you send the prototype for final design and development, make sure to check them for fluency, functionality and navigation. This way, you can build the right base for your product and maintain quality at all levels. 


Rapid prototyping is the right way to go if you are bound by tight deadlines or looking for a quick product release. Used by many app companies, rapid prototyping offer an unmatched opportunity for authorizing a business idea and figuring out if it works in a matter of weeks.

Writing lines of code is no longer required in the app designing process. At a fraction of the final product price, you can get control of your app prototyping. Visual and efficient prototyping covers all of the essential stages while providing a complete view of your product. It can let your team the opportunity to experiment with various approaches and test fresh ideas. Rapid prototyping is important to keep everyone on the same page, which minimizes the errors as well as ensures faster development. 

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