We are thrilled to announce that SavahApp has released two new features for organising project files. These are really simple to use and will add value to your design collaboration. As our community grows we have loved listening to our users on how we can improve your experience.

Here you go, two of your suggestions ready and implemented and ready for your verdict:

‘Sections’ and ‘Folders’. Let’s start with sections:

If you have not yet noticed next time you login to SavahApp please check out our new feature called Sections. Users (existing and new) can create new sections with one click. Once you have created your section you can simply drag and drop your design screens into any section that you wish. This will lead to users having better array of your projects and ultimately this feature will allow you to do away with a cluttered home page. Thus, keeping everything simple and clutter-free.


We have tried to make your life simpler by redesigning our document tab, which now enables you to organise your documents into separate folders. You can simply create a new folder to manage your project design specifications, client briefs and so on. These folders will also help you to maintain different project releases and aid in your design handovers.

By organising your project files into folders this reduces your confusion and allows you to spend more time with your projects rather than organising your files.

Please take a quick spin and let us know which next features you would like us to release? Help us to decide what to implement next?