The Time has Come 🙂 Today, We are delighted to announce that we have just make it available Savah Release v1.5 to all of our customers around the world. Savah is a collaborative platform that streamlines feedback right to your design screen that allows designers to create high-fidelity prototypes for the web and mobile apps without writing a single line of code. With Savah, designers, design agencies and businesses can transform their designs into attractive interactive prototypes and mock-ups for the web and mobile apps. Your feedback and suggestions matters to us!!! This major Savah release is primarily based on your feedback and suggestions.  This Savah release has a number of new amazing features. 

  • An intuitive and Simple User Interface. Our intuitive and interactive comment interface lets users pinpoint exactly the element in each screen that they want to comment on.
  • Dropbox Integration
  • Single click shareable previews with your team and/or clients
  •  Redesigned interface for screen versioning, users can upload new versions and compare them side-by-side
  • The improved overall user experience for creating quick prototyping

We hope you enjoy using it. Please keep sending in your feedback/suggestions we love hearing from you.