Sync Design Screens with Dropbox

September 21, 2014

Athar Majeed

We are very excited to share with you the new feature that we have just launched.

You can now sync your designs screens with your Dropbox account. All that is required is that you can setup your Dropbox account and you are set to go. You can select any design screens from your Dropbox and continue to work. You don't need to upload your design screens again and again. Savah App is clever that it picks up your changes from your Dropbox whenever you make any changes to that particular design screen. We feel that this is a really awesome feature because now you don't need to upload your design screens manually for any changes.

But if you don't have Dropbox don't worry you can still continue to use our browse files or Drag & Drop any design screens from your computer and upload them to Savah App.

We are currently looking to integrate other cloud storages so please let us know what storage you use or would like us to integrate next. We very much welcome user feedback and suggestions. We are proud to be working concurrently with your feedback & suggestions.

Please click here to leave your feedback and suggestions.

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