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Should Software Developer Learn UX?

While software developers are really good with rational and logical thinking, UX designers have more empathy as a key skill. This means that UX designers have to under…

Athar Majeed on August 23, 2021
17 tips to improve the design thinking Skills in 2021(updated)

What is the Design Thinking (Definition)?

Design thinking solves our problems innovatively and creatively, whether these problems are related to businesses or our …

Athar Majeed on January 28, 2021
How to Create an Impressive UX Case Study

What is a UX Case Study?

Case studies are a marketing essential. Businesses use them to show how they help overcome problems to create a successful product. Candidate…

Athar Majeed on May 19, 2020
How AI Can Redefine UX Design

I'm pretty sure you've seen UX being discussed left right and centre, at least for the better part of 2018 and onwards. It's for a good reason. All those big companies tha…

Athar Majeed on February 22, 2020
Top UI Animations for Your Mobile App

Animation has gone beyond kid’s shows, entertainment to something more serious like user interface. Undoubtedly, it is an effective tool to build interaction with u…

Athar Majeed on June 18, 2019
7 Effective Tips to Monetise Your App

In the times that we live, just a click of a button has saved us a lot of travels, efforts, time and most of all money thanks to the little innovations called mobile apps. Th…

Athar Majeed on February 20, 2019
When To Schedule Meetings, Take Breaks, and Quit Your Job

Life is always about time, and a ringing fact is you can’t experience it twice. Just like an hour-glass, once the dust drains, it’s done; we can’t rewind it nor move it for…

Athar Majeed on January 14, 2019
6 Reasons To Create an App Prototype Before Product Development

App prototype helps teams know the issues, feedback, clients approvals and user testing before the launch of the actual mobile app (iOS or Android). Here’s are the top

Athar Majeed on January 2, 2019
6 Useful Tips to Start Your Career in UX Design

If you are looking to break into the UX design industry, these 6 tips would help you get a great start!

Are you looking to make a career in UX design? 
It can be a great c…

Athar Majeed on November 30, 2018
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