Work From Home in COVID 19 - 6 Useful Tools

March 31, 2020
Athar Majeed

The outbreak of COVID-19, better known as coronavirus, has prompted a total lockdown across the world. This is a tricky situation for the businesses as they will have to ensure the safety of their employees as well as keep the operations up and running. This scenario has made “work from home” a norm—at least for time being. Many big companies has shifted to work from home in COVID 19

While this step is a need of time, many businesses are not sure if they can collaborate with their workers sitting at home. After all, body language and non-verbal cues facilitated by face-to-face interactions benefit traditional workers and teams. 

Luckily, some online tools support the coordination and communication between virtual teams or persons working at different locations in different time zones.  

These tools are really useful to exchange your cues, messages, and inputs and track the development of the project. 

Here we have listed such online tools to manage your remote workers. 


Asana is one of the effective tools to be used for remote working. It is an online collaborative tool that lets team members coordinate over daily tasks, goals, and projects. 

Counted among one of the top task management and workflow management platforms with a user-friendly interface, Asana enables users to view the status of any project visually. 

With Asana, you can keep all aspects of projects in one place to meet deadlines and complete tasks. This makes Asana an important tool for work from home in COVID 19.

Key takeaway: Asana helps you track all your projects and tasks, assign them to team members, share files and comments. 

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Like Asana, Slack helps you keep your remote working productive and connected. It’s an effective tool to coordinate and collaborate and keep things in the same place. Slack is available as a mobile app, letting you track the things from anywhere, anytime. It is flexible and easy to use. 

Slack can replace text messaging, email and instant messaging as it keeps all those communications together in one place. It lets you share documents and files with some or all of your workers. With Slack, you can start a video or voice conference call with other members. 

Slack also comes with built-in reminders, or Google Calendar as well as other to-do lists to get you reminded of important events or deadlines. 

It is a great tool for real-time collaboration, urgent notifications, and work from home in COVID 19. 

It can be readily integrated with other apps like Microsoft, Google, and other third parties’ apps. 


Trello is a simple, flexible, and free platform, letting you organize and manage projects efficiently.  

This tool is all about using boards, lists, and cards to prioritize and organize projects. 

Your team members can see who is doing what and what is required by viewing those boards and cards. The cards can be moved around. Plus, you can add and tag team members, create comments, add due dates, create color-coded labels, add attachments and gain control over work and projects from start to end. 

It also lets you share your product roadmap with your stakeholders to ensure a transparent development process. 

In a nutshell, Trello lets you manage all of your team’s coordination, communication, and file sharing without having to juggle with several apps. 


A mobile app designer has his own share of concerns when working from home or remotely. After all, designing a mobile app requires them to keep in touch with everyone—from clients, subordinates, developers and stakeholders. Apart from instant inputs, they need quick review or feedback so that they can make timely changes. Luckily, Savah is here to address such concern. 

It is an app prototyping tool that enables quick collaboration and real-time feedback. You can add people to your projects and create a role for them. It helps you get instant feedback on the designs as it notifies the involved parties. With Savah, the involved parties can collaborate and share ideas, leave comments to create a great user experience for your project. 

It is a perfect tool to use for designers during work from home especially during this COVID 19 outbreak.


Podio simplifies collaboration when it comes to completing a design project, or closing a sales lead, above all, to keep everyone on the same page. 

It integrates with a broad platform of third-party services, such as Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, and GoToMeeting. 

With conversations and messages organized and together on one platform, Podio ensures the focus and clarity your team requires to get their job done. 

Available for both desktop and mobile, this tool is equipped with many key features to simplify remote working, including meeting schedule, data visualization, integrated chat, calendar, and granular access. This makes Podio an exceptional tool to use for work from home during COVID 19.


PureVPN is one of the most trusted VPN services around that allows you to securely access your office network from virtually anywhere on the planet. You’ll be able to browse the files and resources as if you were actually at your workplace.

It uses IP address masking and military-grade encryption, which means no one will be able to intercept your communications and steal confidential business data. Other security features include a kill switch and protection against IPv6, WebRTC, and DNS leaks.

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So these are some efficient project management tools when you or your team is working from home or remotely. These tools improve collaboration and communication, thereby enabling the team to boost productivity regardless of their location. Stay safe! 


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