Top 10 Tools Every Startup Should Use to Grow

February 6, 2019

Athar Majeed

Summary: These Top 10 Tools play important role in the growth of startups as they will get help from managing the finances to get the customer insights.

Are you a startup?

Here is a shocking statistic for you...

90% of startups fail within their couple of years of inception. The reasons for their fall have been cited as poor financial management, not understanding the market, losing customers and wrong team selection.

Don’t worry! You are not destined to meet the similar fate—only if you work over the points that your failed counterparts forget to take care of.

It can’t be denied that taking care of crucial points like finances, team selection, market, and customers are quite daunting.

Here are some tools that ease this herculean task for your startup.

1. Trello to monitor the tasks

Let’s admit it. Being a startup, it’s quite challenging to keep track of different tasks at work. Here a digital note board like Trello can help. It helps assign the tasks and watch their progress as well.

Simply put, Trello is a digital task board where you can get a visual overview of the tasks and see who is working on them as well as the progress of each task. It is equipped with features like reminders, task delegation, tagging, Google app integration, and calendar export.

2. AYTM to do survey

This is the tool you shouldn’t miss out. In fact, it can be a huge breakthrough for your sale and growth.

Ask Your Target Market or AYTM is a survey tool you can use to get customer insight. For example, the survey lets you know about the issues and necessities of your target audience. On the basis of these insights, you can come up with effective product or services. So AYTM deserves to be in your arsenal.

3. Savah for prototyping and collaboration

Nowadays, it is important for businesses to have their own mobile app due to the ever-increasing number of smartphone users. You would like to determine the functionality and “feel” of the app before the actual launching.

Here comes app prototyping tool like Savah. It is an easy to use tool that lets you decide on everything, from colors to the buttons, with a single drag and drop. With Savah app, you can test your product as well as user experience without spending time and money. Once you are satisfied with it, pass it to the developers and they get a visual hint of what to make.

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4. HubSpot for marketing

Marketing acts as a fertilizer for your budding business. You need to create a strong marketing channel that could help you identify the audience, competitors, sales and other metrics. Online marketing has become more important than traditional marketing. To measure and track the performance of your marketing efforts, there are many tools available. I personally recommend HubSpot as it’s a complete marketing and sales software. It helps businesses “attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.”

5. Interakt for engaging and retaining the customers online

Interakt has several features that help capture visitors and convert them into your loyal customers. It lets you communicate, live chat and gather feedback from the lead. For example, you can get visitors’ emails through notifications. Feedback widget helps you answer their queries and then you can send them attractive offers.

6. QuickBooks for accounting

If you are like most startup owners, you may have little to no knowledge of accounts. But it’s important to keep a track of your cash flow, transactions, and expenses. Don’t worry! Accounting software like QuickBooks can help!

It is easy to use and available for both mobile and desktop. Coming to its functions, it can manage inventory; track expenses; generate reports; track overdue payments; generate and send invoices and connect to a bank account for instant cash updates.

7. Enloop for creating a business plan

Writing a business plan is important for startups to attract investors or financers. However, it can be stressful and time-consuming as you require research and materials. You should be aware of the format for your business plan. Let the business plan tool like Enloop ease this headache.

It is used by over 286,537 business owners, accountants, and entrepreneurs across the world. Enter your business info and you will be provided with basic info you can edit.

8. Dropbox for sharing and organizing data

If you are like the most startups, you must be lacking funds to buy servers or more HDDs to store or process your data. A virtual solution like Dropbox has resolved this concern at much extent. Dropbox is a file hosting system where you can store, organize, share and access your data from anywhere. Security is another striking feature of this tool as you can delete your data in case your device is stolen.

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9. Lever for recruitments

Getting the right people is vital for your startup’s success. Therefore, make sure to hire right. What about using Lever?

It is cloud software designed to help businesses manage candidates during the hiring process. The tool streamlines your interview process and helps you access the top candidates. With the help of those data-driven decisions, you can create an effective recruiting strategy.

10. Olark for a direct interaction with customers

Olark is live chat software which can be installed on your website. How does it help? The top reason to use this tool is that your customer can have instant communication with a real person. It is instant and easy than filling out a form and sending an email. With a live chat, you can resolve the queries of your customers quickly. This way, you can retain your customers while making a new one.

So these are the tools that help your startup grow and stay ahead. If you are using any tools or platform do let me know in the comments below. I know there are so many and sometime it's hard to get the right one.


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