Top UI Animations for Your Mobile App

June 18, 2019
Athar Majeed

Animation has gone beyond kid’s shows, entertainment to something more serious like user interface. Undoubtedly, it is an effective tool to build interaction with users. It gives them a thrilling experience of the live and dynamic process. Implied rightly, it can take the user experience to the next level.

And a mobile app is a great example of what I’ve said so far. With the dramatic growth of mobile devices, animation has become more popular and diverse, facilitating the processes for a touch interface. Animation can make your mobile app looks clear, bright, and more engaging.

Animated effects like overlapping, transition, and opaque effects have become integral features of any modern mobile app. They perform certain tasks like responding to the interaction in explaining the navigation to the users.

Top 5 UI Animations for Mobile App

Here we will walk through popular animations that will make users fall in love with your mobile app design.

1. Visual Feedback:

Have you ever used Tinder? You must be amazed by the way it responds to your swipe. A perfect example of visual feedback!

Visual feedback lets the app respond to a user’s interaction with them. It acts as a loading indicator to help users know that the system is working to their command. Besides, it lets them know that their app is working appropriately.

Here is a simple example for a clear explanation.

When a button changes size or a swiped content gets in a certain direction, it means that the app is “working” and responding to the user’s action. Or when the button is pressed, the button changes color or the images change their shape.

2. Function Change:

With this animation, your elements respond by changing their appearance. This is an ideal form of animation if you are looking to illustrate the functions when changes occur. It is often used with icons, buttons, and other small design elements. For example, a button changes its look from a “triangle” to a “circle” when you interact with it.

3. Overlapping Effects:

Overlapping animation helps meet two important goals. Firstly, it enhances the design with eye-catching effects. Secondly, it creates a sense of space. No wonder why it is one of the popular UI animations among the designers. To make the mobile app interface more interesting and dreamlike, many designers combine the elements with shadows.

4. Simple Designs:

Simplicity is here to stay. When in doubt, many designers (including me) prefer a simple and sleek design to ensure easy adaptability to the users. Another benefit is that they make the design more natural.

The limited size of the screen may prompt you to hide some navigation elements—and in this scenario, it would be useful to keep the design as simple as possible.

For example, a phone app interface teemed with colors, buttons, pictures, and animations will be complicated and overwhelming. A simple interface, on the other hand, will be more effective for people to focus on major elements and features of a mobile app.

You can start with simple curves and geometrics for an edgy but simple interface.

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5. Transparency:

Opaque elements are one of the cool animation trends for a mobile interface. You can achieve different effects by tweaking the transparency of the same elements. Therefore, while designing the phone app interface, setting the transparency of different elements is an exciting way to create a breathtaking design.

Besides, the transparency adjustment for different colors or graphics can create a striking glass texture for app interface elements. This advantage makes it designer’s favorite to create attractive logo designs. There are many ways to add transparency effects to your mobile interface. It is going to be one of the most sought after design trends over the coming years. Therefore, it would be beneficial you if you start honing your skills to ace this animation form.

I hope that this informative list of top UI animations for the mobile interface will help you create more engaging mobile interfaces.

However, to achieve better results, you need to incorporate more than one method. In other words, you need to mix up different concepts. For example, you can use overlapping effects with visual feedback. However, there is no hard and fast rule which effect will go best with what. As they say –perform A/B test to choose the best among the equals. One more thing—--be careful with animated elements as too much animation can be confusing and clutter your design as well.

What do you say? Do you want to say thanks? Or remind me that the blog has skipped something important? Please let me know by commenting below.


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