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We are delighted to announce the launch of our new platform specifically engineered for startups, designers, creative teams and their clients.

We are a collaborative tool that streamlines communication between you, your design team and your clients. With Savah App you can upload and share all your projects and obtain effective visual feedback/comments on your designs from your team and clients. Making your team more productive. Savah App is a new approach that puts you in control and makes your life easier and saves you much needed time. Savah App is a safe and secure platform that will give you and your team the wow factor to your clients. We would like to offer a no-obligation 60-day unlimited-use free trial to our platform. No credit card required. Just complete the sign up process on our website and you’re in! Once you have signed up. There is no catch; it’s just a 60-day free trial. Of course, you can cancel at anytime. After the trial is ended you can upgrade, downgrade or if you wish cancel your account. For more information, please visit and join our responsive revolution and get your creative design team and clients all together.

Posted by Savah Team