All-in-one App Prototyping, Design Collaboration & Project Workflow

The fastest way to get design feedback & build awesome app prototypes for any device in minutes!

What can I do with Savah?

Prototypes: You can create a fully functional code-free prototype for any device (iOS, Android, Smartwatch and even web apps) within a few minutes.    

Design Collaboration: you can invite your team and stakeholders to the platform. They can leave and annotate the feedback/comments right on the design screens. Everyone who has access to the project will be able to see the comments. 

Workflow: Move your design screens from in-progress to approved. This gives you a visual overview of all your project screens and how many have

Integrations: We provides rich integrations for the tool you use every day. To upload design screens we offer Sketch app plugin, Auto-Sync with Dropbox and Google Drive. Share your design screens to other project management tools (Trello, Asana, Slack) and any changes you made to screens within S will automatically become available there. 

Share and Export prototypes: You can share your prototypes by sending an email, text or embed in any HTML or blog post. You can download your project as a Zip file or a PDF file with all the comments. Great for client meetings and status reports. 

Built-in to-do list: Every feedback/comments automatically converted into to-do item and your project team can see this. Once you address this then mark this item to be done.

Project presentation: Show your company logo and change the prototype background colour. Providing easy navigation between your project design screens.  Your clients don’t have to signup to leave the feedback/comments on the prototypes.  

Who uses Savah?

Design team: We created Savah specifically for the design teams. They can upload their designs and get instant feedback for their projects. Build prototypes without being bogged down with the code.

Development team: Stay up to date with the project progress and provides critical support and get involved with the design team. This helps to keep the design consistency across the company.  

Product teams: Helps product teams that are looking for project feedback earlier on in the product development lifecycle.

Teachers/Students: They can create quick interactive prototypes for their projects without being bogged down to the code. They can build quick user flows and customer journey for their ideas. 

UI/UX Freelancers: A great tool for freelancers to communicate better with their clients and keep their design projects at a single place without paying a high subscription. 

What sets Savah apart?

We make solutions for modern teams to design prototype, share and collaborate with stakeholders and automate the design approval process. We provide very competitive prices for our subscription without compromising the quality and features. We offer up to 30% off on our annual subscription. 

Want to know more?

Savah for Interactive Prototyping
Savah for Design collaboration
Savah for Design Driven Project Management
Savah for Integrations and Presentation

Or just talk to us 🙂 

PS: I’m happy to set up a demo call for you and answer any questions you may have.