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In the past few weeks we’ve made it possible for you to create ‘Unlimited Teams’. This feature should help you to organise people and projects within different teams. We also realised that creating projects within teams helps to speed up managing projects and there it is not anymore required to send invites for projects to team members. This is one great feature of our series of introducing new features over the next few months.

1- Create Teams to Organise People

Create a new team from the team page and then simply send invites to your colleagues and clients. You can enter multiple-emails at once to send invites. You can set people permissions (like managers, collaborators and reviewers) when sending invites. These people will have a different level of access based their account type. Even better, you can also invite people into individual projects.


2- Create Projects within Teams

Next, create your projects within teams by selecting any team from the drop-down team list. The project will be created within the selected team and every member (based on their permissions) within the team have a access to this project.


Pro Tip: If you would like to move your existing collaborators and projects into teams let us know.

Bug Fixes and Other Features
  • Set user permissions when sending invites
  • Zoom-in and Zoom-out design screens
  • PDF export with commenting
  • Grid view to view all design screens on the screen page
  • Improved getting user-feedback screen

Stay in touch:

We look forward to share many of new features and updates we are currently working on.  Keep an eye on our blog and Twitter for the updates. Finally, if you have any feedback on Savah app, or have any feature requests you would like to see in Savah App, please let us know at

Posted by Athar Majeed

Co-Founder for Savah App.