Sync Sketch Design with Savah

Automatically sync design artboards from Sketch to Savah.
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Upload Design from Sketch

Download the Sketch plugin and install it on your Mac. You can then upload all the images from your Sketch artboard to Savah or just send few images.

You can customise by changing the aspect ratio or maintaining the revision history for design changes.
Download Plugin

Download Plugin

Sync your Design Changes, Instantly

With our Sketch plugin, you can upload your design changes instantly and maintain the design history. With Sketch plugin you don't have to upload manually and your team can see your design changes immediately.

You can easily organise both users and projects in a separate team.

Transform your entire design process with Savah and Sketch App

Create and syncs designs with your Savah projects. Your team can collaborate and feedback right away.

You can easily organise both users and projects in a separate team.

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The free plan includes unlimited projects and other premium features like password protection and integrations with Sketch.
12000+ designers are using Savah. No credit card required
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